• Best Blog Award

    March 10, 2010 ishabelle

    This award that I am posting today gives me a little struggle. I need to pass this on to 15 bloggers that I think deserve this award. I am afraid I’d run out of names to list. But I wish that I can finish this before the names run out. 🙂 This award was given to me by a new blogging friend. check out her blog by following this link: http://mydomainpvt.wordpress.com/best-blog-award Here are the bloggers I want to nominate for…

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  • Forever Friends Award

    March 9, 2010 ishabelle

    Today, I will post another award which brings me honor and happiness. This is the Forever Friends Award. I want to thank Jingle, Shakira, and Wordwand for bestowing this award on me. Please click on their names to visit their blog. Let us show support to these three people who have made a big difference in the blogging community. This award is meant to be passed on to friends you want to connect with for good. I am going to…

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  • One-Time Awards

    March 8, 2010 ishabelle

    For the past few days, I have been quote busy, and I have to admit that blogging kind of took a backseat for awhile. I am now just bouncing back. I think I may have already adjusted a little to the changes that I have had to go through recently. Today, I am going to post the Homecoming Awards that I received and hasn’t been able to post yet. Since this award is a one-time award, there is no need…

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  • Beautiful Blogger Award

    February 27, 2010 ishabelle

    I have  beautiful Blogger Award from Jingle and Moondai. Like the Honest Scrap Award I posted yesterday, I’ve had this award for a couple of days already. It’s just now that I have the time to really post it and pass it on to friends. Jingle and Moondai are really precious people to me because like me, they are also poets. I admire them because their blogs are very beautiful. you chould check them out by following these links: Moondai…

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  • Honesty is Still The Best Policy

    February 26, 2010 ishabelle

    I received the Honest Scrap award for a couple of days already, but I just did not have enough time to post it and forward it to my blogger friends. Now, I have to make sure that I make time for it, since this award is long overdue. This award was given to me by three different bloggers. check their blogs at: http://wordwand.wordpress.com http://aleafinthebreeze.wordpress.com http://melancholymoon.wordpress.com These are the rules for accepting the award: Thank the person giving you this award…

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  • You Deserve a Star Today Award

    February 23, 2010 ishabelle

    My friend, Jingle, has given me another award today. I was offline for two days, and I am welcomed by this prestige. Jingle is indeed the glue that binds all poets/bloggers together. One fine day, someone named Jingle left a comment on my blog, and I’ve met many people after that. Reading her poems and her math puzzles has always been such a treat to one’s mind. Please visit Jingle’s blog by following this link: http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com The Rules of this…

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