April 1, 2020ishabelle

I remember writing this when I was in college. I wasn’t always conscious of meters and iambs then. I preferred to write as freely as I wanted, only thinking of rhymes and imagery. I am still not too conscious of those even today, but I think I wrote more freely then, as opposed to the more contained stuff I work on now. Anyway, you be the judge.


Where will I find poetry
If you are all of literature to me?
You are the sun; you are the moon.
Everything that gives beauty to life is you.

Where will I find music
If you are all the melody that soothes me?
You are my heart and my soul,
Everything I wanted and more.

Where will I find a real work of art
If you are the colors I need in my heart?
You are the sky when the skies are blue.
You are warmth when the sky turns a grayish hue.

Where will I find paradise
If you are all thatโ€™s heavenly in my eyes?
You are all the things both real and untrue.
My heart lies restless unless it finds you.

And tell me where will I find you
If the whole worldโ€™s where you walk through?
You are the earth, the air, and the seas to me.
Youโ€™re all that I see and all I ever need to see.

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