Good Things Don’t Have to End

August 30, 2012ishabelle

When I started this blog in 2009, I never imagined it would gain readership. I only wanted something where I could write about what I wanted and post some of the works that I’ve done.

There was a time when this blog did really well and had many readers. Joining poetry groups really helped. My blog was noticed. My poems were noticed. Sadly, though, I became too busy to even spend a couple of minutes on the blog, much less write at least one poem every week.

I have been neglecting this blog for months. I can’t believe it. I love this blog. I do not want to lose this blog at all.

However, it is also time for me to move on to other things.

I have a new blog at my personal domain now. Its at

This does not mean I won’t keep this blog anymore. It’s just that I have grown and changed over the last two years, and I want to share another part of my story this time. I hope to see you there, and thank you for the support here on Chocolate High.

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