Fallen Angel

May 6, 2010ishabelle

I wanted to write something light and easy today, but I couldn’t come up with anything like that. Instead, I am now sharing this poem to you. it’s a little sad, and tragic. It’s not my current mood, which is weird why I gravitate toward this poem today. I hope this one still gets a good reception from you, guys. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thereโ€™s a fallen angel on earth tnight;
She is loving someone out of sight.
See her heart break into pieces;
Wonder when the heartache ceases.

An angel so pretty is crying right now,
Looking for answers to the question how.
How can she make the guy she loves a lot
Love her the same way? He just does not.

Look at her eyes, see how they glitter.
They glitter with tears; her world is shattered.
The only time the angelโ€™s fallen so deep
Is with a love thatโ€™s not hers to keep.

The world around her is darker than night.
She is the onlyone who shines so bright,
And because she shines, youโ€™d see her sadness,
So clear, so vivid. Youโ€™d feel her loneliness.

Tear after tear run down her face.
Itโ€™s hard to understand loveโ€™s crooked ways.
This angel has cried so hard tonight.
If only things would turn out right.

Why canโ€™t the guy see how she hurts?
How could he break an angelโ€™s heart?
This guy is so lucky heโ€™s loved so well
By such a lonely and beautiful angel.

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