Opening The American Idol

January 12, 2010ishabelle

Finally, it’s the AI season again. I have watched the show for as long as I can remember, and I’m sure I’ll be watching this season as well. I became a fan of some of the AI alumni. I agreed with the judges’ comments, and I laughed at Ryan’s comic banter.

This season is different, though. For the first time in eight years, we will no longer be seeing Paula Abdul. We won’t be hearing her extensive vocabulary and her sweet lines of constructive criticism. She has been very dear to the contestants because she was the kindest among the three pioneering judges.

What’s American Idol without paula Abdul, right? We all know that it just won’t be the same. Unfortunately, the change does not end there. Recently, news has come out that Simon Cowell will also be leaving. For contract reasons, AI will again lose a very influential part of the show.

We have all known Simon for his harsh and straight-to-the-point comments. But surprisingly, he has also influenced a lot of viewers when it comes to voting. He definitely has an eye for talent, and has discovered some of the most popular names in the music industry.

As if losing Paula Abdul was not bad enough, the show loses Simon Cowell too. I only hope that AI will survive. Although it may never be anywhere near its previous seasons, I will still support the show because I support the talents that the aspiring idols are so willing to showcase. I just hope that Simon and Paula will one day find themselves back in the show again.

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